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Tabitha and Jason 18 Dec 2016
Oh my, where do i begin? We had never had such a wonderful experience buying a car. My husband and i went to a previous dealership just days before to buy a car and it was a nightmare. They put so many hard inquiries on our credit only to find out that we couldnt keep the car because it needed five... thousand dollars worth of work. Thank GOD we found otto source. The process was easy as 1 2 3. Brian the sales guy got right back with us and he was so courteous. He showed my husband and i around the facility and he was a joy to talk to. He listened to us and met our every need. They also pulled out credit one time and we only have 1 inquiry on our credit report. Mike the finance guy was so helpful and he didnt put any pressure on us to purchase anything and he was very detailed in explaining the whole process. He was patient and whatever my husband and i needed, the jumped right on it. The facility which by the way was very clean and they are very organized people. I love this place. We was able to leave with a brand new lexus (my dream car) and it has been terrific. I will definitely be going back for my next purchase and i highly recommend this dealership to everyone. Show more
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Lisa A. 19 Nov 2016
We live in Colorado are were fortunate enough to have Billy Tyus (in Texas)be our salesman! We found a vehicle online and Billy personally took photographs of the vehicle from every angle inside and out and sent them to us. There were no surprises when the vehicle arrived. He was readily available t...o answer any questions at any time day or night while we were in the process of purchasing. Buying online without test driving or even giving the vehicle a once over with your own eyes can be a little unnerving. Billy assured us the confidence he had in the vehicle and for that matter that we'd be equally pleased once it arrived. He was right! I love my Range Rover Evoque! It runs beautifully and looks impeccable! The price was obviously much better than we were able to find locally, and the service at the Denver Range Rover couldn't come close to what Billy Tyus provided from several hundreds of miles away! Thanks Billy! You've made me a very happy costumer! Show more
5 rate
Kate J 27 Sep 2016
My daughter and i went in this past week. We had been looking on various websites. And we both agreed on going to this specific one. We found the perfect small car for her! Thank you all!
5 rate
Hannah J 27 Sep 2016
I highly recommend this place. Awesome team and a lots of vehicles to choose from.
5 rate
Angela S 27 Sep 2016
Very thankful with the team of people. And so happy i got to drive out of there with my brand new car! I went in not knowing exactly what i wanted. But that was not a problem for them, they got me in a car made just for me.
5 rate
Emma W 26 Sep 2016
I was received with a great smile. And the process went smooth. And most importantly i drove out the lot with the exact car i went in looking for!
5 rate
Dylan W 26 Sep 2016
I'm getting older and i wanted my next car o show how hard I've been working. Audi's' have always been my favorite car. And I was finally in a position where I can make that happen. They gave me many options to chose from, and assisted me immediately whenever I needed them. IT was an overall easy ex...perience thanks to them. Show more
5 rate
Allison D 26 Sep 2016
Came in with my mother as she insisted on going in person to pick out her new car. Everyone was so sweet and helpful. My mother left the so happy. Thank you all again very much.
5 rate
Holly S 26 Sep 2016
Ecstatic about the process as a whole. The staff were nice and caring. I went in without knowing what car i was going in for. Which all my friends told me was the worst idea. But i am more of a visual person. Even though their website is awesome they are even better in person.
5 rate
Jenna J 26 Sep 2016
I left on my dream car! But most of all the people there were so nice and patient. Which made the whole trip worth while.
5 rate
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