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Ottosource is proud to offer Pre Owned Carfax Certified Vehicles to protect your investmen

Selected vehicles offered for sale at Ottosource are  inspected for cosmetic integrity and comes with multiple options for comprehensive coverage for your peace of mind.

Our Process

1* Vehicle Safety Inspection. Selected vehicles go through  Inspection process and most Qualify for a Nationwide Certified Warranty at Aditional cost .

2* Visual Inspection. We make sure the items that are most common issues on pre-owned vehicles are addressed. This includes tires, clips, moldings and fasteners.

3* Elite Full Professional Detail. Every vehicle is professionally detailed by Ottosource's Service Detail Department. We make our vehicles feel "New To You".

4* Internet Presentation. All vehicle photos are completed to showcase our belief, "Superior Outstanding Vehicles Than The Competition... PERIOD!"

5* Vehicle Service Protection Plans  Available for Purchase

6* We are recognized as one of the Top 100 Luxury dealers in the nation consistently have a Customer Satisfaction Index score of above 98%.Our solid reputation and commitment to your satisfaction means you can be confident in choosing us for your vehicle purchase for life.

7*The VIP Appoinment process is designed to save you time!You will meet with a manager upfront who is familiar with what has already been discussed and the vehicle will be pulled up ready for you to test drive.

9*Guaranteed Trade Appraisal We ooffer a Guaranteed Trade Appraisal where our professional appraiser willgive you a written appraisal in under 20 minutes.He will put that value in writing and guarantee that value for up to 3 days or 150 miles.

10*   4.7 Google Reviews  ,Highest Rated Customer Satisfaction in Texas.   

11*Worry Free Folder  We offer Worry Free Folder in every Pre-Owned vehicle wich includes information such a CARFAX report, value guides,available warranties and other helpful resources

  • ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE with emergency roadside service you can Receive 24/7 assistance with lockouts, tire changes, jump delivery, and Towing. Help is just a phone call away.
  • CAR RENTAL We understand that your vehicle is often a necessity. We provide reimbursement for a replacement vehicle while your covered vehicle is being repaired.
  • TRIP INTERRUPTION We want you to feel comfortable. If your vehicle has a covered mechanical breakdown while away from home, we provide reimbursement for required meals and lodging.
  • TRANSFERABILITY If you sell your vehicle within your warranty terms, the remaining coverage can be transferred to the new owner, enhancing the resale value. The Limited Warranty also provides the option to upgrade to a Vehicle Service Contract.

Program Benefits Provide

Safety & Security

Please see your Warranty for additional program benefits and specific details.

Authorized Dealer for Vehicle Service Contract

When your factory warranty expires, our   Vehicle Service Agreement  keeps your peace of mind going and going. You will continue to enjoy extensive coverage of key components, including thorough mechanical, computer, and electrical protection. It guards against future rising costs of parts and labor, and includes towing service, travel protection, and a loan car during repairs. If you sell your vehicle to an individual buyer, the service agreement is transferable.